About Us

                Welcome to BlueFierTek.

                BlueFireTek, Why this name? BlueFireTek-Pure blue flame,high degree of professional proficiency."Technology Innovation,All Quality Service and Mutual benefits"  is our policy as well as the objective.
                BlueFireTek is a young and energetic enterprise,locating in Dalinshan town ,Dongguan city,China.With a high degree of professional proficiency in mold manufacturing,we are honoured to grow up with you.
                BlueFireTek,What can do ?
                1)Mold making (Stamping Die,Plastics molds and Die-casting Alloy)
                2)Stamping,Injection and Die-casting parts 
                3)Rubber & silicone mold and parts
                4)Secondary Operations and Value-added Service
                such as Anodizing,Paint and Plate(Chrome),Silk screen & Printing and Simple assembly
                6)Rapid mold and Demo Samples
                7)ID,RD and MD One-station Servise.
                With the capacity of 300-600 sets molds(Dies) per year, precise and large size molds(dies) are widely used in Appliances,Machinery and Automobile,such as industrial metal/plastic enclosure , communication devices,
                office appliances and consumer electronics. We cherish the long-term cooperation with you,besides the high quality and reasonable price, we can help to catch up the urgent cases.
                In a word, your demand in the mold Die and part is where we are.
                BlueFireTek surely will be the trustworthy and cooperative partner,We warmly welcome all the friends to discuss cooperation,
                and create brilliant future together.
                Now let BlueFireTek work with you.

                About Us

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                Name: Carrie  

                Mobile: +86-188 2573 5126
                Name: Reginald Ryan
                Mobile:+86-158 1283 0912
                Address: NO.66 Hengzhen East Road,Jinju Village,Dalingshan Town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China
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